If you want to know more about our products or our service, check out our most frequently asked questions below. If you’re still looking for answers, feel free to get in touch and someone from the Sooma team will be happy to help.


Where are Sooma products made?

All Sooma mattresses are made in Melbourne, Australia using the best possible materials sourced from Australian and off-shore partners. All the foams used in our mattresses are made in Australia to the highest quality manufacturing standards and using advanced Co2 technology – the most environmental friendly foaming technology available. Sooma mattress covers are all sewn in Melbourne and our plastic packaging and cardboard boxes are all Australian made.

What are Sooma mattresses made from?

Sooma mattresses are made from a combination of comfort, high breathable, memory and support foams which have been uniquely shaped and laminated together to create mattresses that provide the very best of support, pressure relief and of course comfort!

Will there be that ‘new product’ smell?

There will be a slight ‘new product’ smell which will slowly disappear over a few days. Rest assured there is nothing harmful in this smell and all Sooma product are manufactured to high Australian quality standards.

Why is a Sooma mattress better than a traditional spring mattress?

The two most important things you want in a mattress are comfort and support. When it comes to comfort the materials used in a Sooma mattress have been developed to contour to your body preventing pressure point build up that can be experienced with a traditional spring mattress. Deep inside your Sooma mattress the high resilient support foam maintains its shape, support quality and flexibility over the life of the mattress reducing centre dipping that can happen to a traditional spring mattress as the springs loose their responsiveness with use.

Does a Sooma mattress feel different to a traditional spring mattress?

It sure does! And it all comes down to the materials used and how they react when you lie down on a mattress. Sooma mattresses are designed using a range of comfort and support foams including memory foam, all of which mould completely to your body for full support (think of it like a full body hug!) and absorb movement so every time you turn your partner is not disturbed. Traditional spring mattresses are made up of a series of springs so only provide the body support at specific points. As pressure is applied to a spring it doesn’t absorb it but wants to push back – creating pressure points and partner disturbance when you move.

Will my Sooma mattress lose its support and shape?

Sooma mattresses are made from quality high resilient foams, all manufactured in Australia to the highest standards using the most advanced technology and processes. Over time your Sooma mattress will not lose support or its shape but, as with all mattresses, a small loss in height may occur causing a slight firming up in feel.

How long will my Sooma mattress last?

All Sooma products are made from quality, resilient foams developed and tested to remain responsive, supportive and comfortable for many years. Our recommendation is to replace your mattress every 10 to 12 years. When you purchase a Soma mattress we will send you a reminder when your product is coming to the end of its expected life.

How do I dispose of a Sooma mattress at the end of its life?

We have designed our products with the whole life cycle in mind which means at the end of your Sooma mattress’s life it can easily be recycled. If you are unsure where your locate mattresses recycling facility is just get in touch and we can let you know.

What environmental initiatives does Sooma have?

We take a Cradle to Cradle approach with our design process which includes environmental consideration in material selection, making sure we design for efficient disassembly, minimising material use and wastage, and recycling manufacturing waste (in fact all our foam off-cuts are repurposed into carpet underlay!).

All foams in our mattresses are produced locally in Australia using C02 technology to the highest quality and environment standards and the mill where we produce our fabrics has ISO 14001 Environmental Accreditation and Oeko- Tex Standard 100. By compressing our mattresses into small boxes, delivery impacts on the environment are also reduced. Oh and all the packaging we use is 100% recyclable!

What sizes do Sooma mattresses come in and what sheets will fit?

Our mattresses are available in standard Australian sizes and standard Australian size bed sheets will fit. Mattresses sizes are:

  • Single 0.92m wide X 1.88m long X 0.25m high
  • King Single 1.07m wide X 2.03m long X 0.25m high
  • Double 1.38m wide X 1.88m long X 0.25m high
  • Queen 1.53m wide X 2.03m long X 0.25m high
  • King 1.83m wide x 2.03m long X 0.25m high
Can I order a custom size?
Sorry, Sooma mattresses are only available in the five standard sizes and we are unable to make custom sizes.


How will my Sooma product arrive?

All Sooma products are compressed, packed in boxes and delivered straight to your door by courier!

How big and heavy are the delivery boxes?

This will depends on the size and feel selected.

Mattress Size Box Size Weight
Single 36cm x 36cm x 120cm 20 kg
King Single 36cm x 36cm x 120cm 25 kg
Double 36cm x 36cm x 160cm 29 kg
Queen 36cm x 36cm x 160cm 36 kg
King 36cm x 36cm x 190cm 42 kg

Most of our products can be lifted by one person, but some of the larger sizes may require a second pair of hands. We don’t recommend resting your injured back as the best way to get to know your new Sooma mattresses, so please remember to bend your knees when lifting heavy objects!

Do I pay for delivery?

Delivery Australia wide is included with your product purchase.

Do you delivery outside of Australia?

Unfortunately we are currently only able to deliver to Australian addresses. You could always move to Australia and get you hands on a Sooma mattress!

How long from order will delivery take?

All products are kept in stock and will be despatched from our warehouse within 24 hours. Once despatched delivery will depend on where you live and as general guide will take:

Melbourne 1-2 days
Sydney 1-2 days
Brisbane 3-5 days
Adelaide 1-2 days
Perth 3-5 days
Canberra 1-2 days
Hobart 2-3 days
Darwin 5-7 days
VIC Country 1-2 days
SA Country 2-3 days
QLD Country 3-6 days
WA Country 5-7 days
NSW Country 3-4 days
Do I need to be home to receive my delivery?

Ideally it’s best if you can be home to receive your delivery. You will be kept up to date with tracking information and the courier will be in touch to make suitable delivery arrangements with you. If there is a secure and dry place where the delivery can be left please add this as a note when you are finalising your purchase. For a full run down on delivery please see Delivery


What is the 100 & 10 Happiness Warranty?

 Its peace of mind knowing that what you are purchasing is backed up by a happiness promise. The best way to know if a mattress is right for you is to sleep on it, so we let you do this right in your own home!  If for any reason you want to return your mattress within a 100 days of purchase you can do so.  As it can take a while for you body to adjust to a new mattress or pillow we ask that you try the mattress for at least 30 days before considering returning.  Sooma mattresses are designed to last (we have tested them and they do!) that’s why we also offer a 10 year warranty  on mattresses. Simply put, your happiness is our happiness!

What happens if I don’t like the mattress I buy?

All Sooma products come with a 100 Night Happiness Warranty. That means you can return the product within 100 days of the purchase for a full refund.  For full details on returning your product please see Refunds and Exchanges.

Does Sooma offer a product warranty?

We sure do! All Sooma mattresses come with a 10 year warranty against manufacturing defects. For more information refer to Warranty section.