1. Once your purchase is completed an email confirmation will be sent to you and our workshop will get underway with preparing your order.

2. Within 24hrs your order is packed in a box and dispatched to you via courier. We’ll send you an email with the tracking details and expected delivery time frame so you can arrange to be home to receive your new mattress.

3. Your order is delivered by courier to your door. We prefer for you to home to accept delivery but if you have a clean, dry, secure place that we can leave it please add this as an instruction when placing your order.

4. Once you have the box in your room remove the mattress from it, being careful not to cut the plastic around the mattress if you are using something sharp to cut through the packaging tape.

5.Place mattress, still in its plastic cover, on your bed base. Open by tearing along the sealed edge and unroll into position.

6.Using a pair of scissors, carefully cut around the edge of the plastic bag and allow the mattress to expand. Safety first folks - so no running with the scissors, cut carefully so you don’t damage the mattress and remember, a plastic bag is not a toy!

Do the right thing and recycling your packaging. Now, JUMP IN!