December 06, 2018

We, at Sooma, are proud that we have a product that speaks volumes about its awesomeness, by its performance. And this product is none other than the Sooma Mattress. Designed with care, this mattress is manufactured to provide you with the best sleep.

Sooma mattress is specifically designed for busy people who don’t have time for a bad night’s sleep. This category of people must be able to sleep soundly the moment their body hits the bed, and not twist and turn, trying desperately to invite sleep. Sooma mattress helps people achieve that sound sleep by easing away all the tensions and stress of the previous day and helps them be refreshed in body, mind and soul.

Being Australia’s most comfortable mattress-in-a-box, you would plunge into the deepest sleep right away and you would keep on sleeping. Well, just in case, if you feel trouble getting up from the bed, it all because of the comfort of our mattress. So, now let us look at the awesome features of Sooma mattress that makes it better than the other mattresses:

  • Proudly Australian - Only an Aussie can understand the real need of another Aussie. Being born in Australia makes Sooma mattress the best mattress for Australians. Sooma mattress is made in Melbourne and the materials that go into its production are both Australian and international. The mattresses are even sent in an Australian packaging.
  • Great Design - Our mattress is designed with the best care provided to even the minutest details. Our mattress is made of high-quality foam and other materials that help in supporting your body in all the right places so that you have a sound sleep. The next day, you would wake up refreshed and re-energized, ready to take on anything the day throws at you.
  • Sleep Better - Have you had trouble sleeping when your partner is twisting and turning, and sleeping like they are running a marathon? If so, change to a Sooma mattress and feel the difference. Our mattress is designed to absorb movement so that you are guaranteed a better sleep even though your partner is causing all sorts of problems.
  • Highly Breathable - For better sleep, you would need to be comfortable and Sooma mattress would see to it that you are. Our mattress is highly breathable, making it cool so that you can sleep with peace and comfort.
  • Sleep Happy - Sooma mattress is designed and manufactured to provide you with the happiest of times. This is why our mattress comes with a 100 Night Comfort promise and an unbelievable 10 years warranty. So, buying a Sooma mattress is a low-risk move, but one that grants high rewards. In short, it is an investment that you can be happy about.
Purchase the comfortable and awesome Sooma Mattress from our online store and experience great nights of good sleep. Sooma mattress is available in different sizes at the best rates in the industry. Shop now!