February 11, 2019

Lack of sleep would lead to many problems, be it for youngsters or grownup adults. One of the problems that all people would face is a lack of concentration and lethargic brain activity. This would have a negative impact on our day to day life.

One of the effects that young people would face due to lack of proper sleep would be lower grades. Staying up all night and preparing for the exam would not necessarily grant you higher grades, and several studies have revealed that the non-sleepers could have ended up with more marks, have they had adequate sleep. Here are some tips to sleep better and score better grades:

  • Cut out the Caffeine - Having a good cup of coffee would help you stay awake and study more. But it also disrupts your focus and adds more stress. It is recommended that you avoid coffee the night before the exam and take a small cup on the day of the exam. An excellent alternative to coffee is water and it comes without any side effects.
  • Eat Right Food - Your ability to focus would depend on the food you eat.  Your focus should be on eating a healthy diet. Try including more brain foods that promote brain function and help you stay alert.
  • Limit Distractions - One of the factors that hinder quality sleep is distractions like TV, Tablet, Cell phone and so.  The blue light from these gadgets would interfere with your sleep. Make sure that you keep them away well before bedtime.
  • Schedule Bedtime - Everyone would stress the importance of going to bed and waking up the same time every day. If you are going to bed different time each day, your body would get confused and cause more stress and make you feel tired. So, if you follow a healthy sleep schedule, your brain would get used to it and be relaxed as bedtime approaches.
  • Practice Time Management - Time management is important if you wish to score good grades in your exams. You should ensure that all your school work are completed on time. Also, start studying a week before the exam so that you study everything methodically and avoid cramming.

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