January 15, 2019

A day without hugging or resting your head on a pillow is unimaginable. Tracing back the history of pillows, we can find that the idea of supporting the head and neck while lying down originated from the pre-historic times. The only difference is that then it was stone and wood, while now soft pillows.

Pillows have evolved much through these ages. The first soft pillows are believed to have been made of feathers, reed, straw and such materials. Now, pillows are made of high-density memory foam, micro-beads and such materials. These have helped improve our sleep and provide the best support. Well, before you go pillow shopping, here are a few tips that can help you identify the best pillow for you:

  • Consider your Sleep Position - A good sleep posture is essential for better sleep. While sleeping, your body should be in alignment, from your leg and knees, up to your chest, head and neck. If your shoulders and neck don’t get the support they require, the chances are likely that you would wake up with a sore neck. Your sleep position would also shift frequently during the night. Those who start sleeping in a side position can use firm pillows, while those sleeping on their stomach needn’t use any pillows or go for a soft and thin one. Those who start sleeping on their back must use a flatter and supportive pillow.
  • Consider your Mattress - A mattress and pillow complement each other. If you are sleeping on a firm mattress, then you can go for a soft pillow. This is because the pillow needs to adapt to the pressure of the head in your sleep-start position. Opting for the best memory foam mattresses and memory foam pillows can help you in having better sleep as they remember the position of your sleep.
  • Consider your Budget - You can always choose from a range of pillows, expensive and cheap ones. Even though their primary function is the same, the comfort they provide may vary. A good memory foam pillow is what would suit you the most as they won’t be much expensive. They would also provide you with the best comfort and support, ensuring that you have a good night’s sleep.
  • Consider how much Care you’d Provide - Caring for your pillow is the secret to making it last longer and providing you with the best comfort. In reality, caring for a pillow is easier than caring for a mattress. Some pillows can be machine washed so that caring for it would be much easier.
These are a few tips that can help you find and purchase the best pillow for you. For purchasing the best pillows and mattresses online, you can visit Sooma online store. Sooma is Australia’s leading manufacturer and supplier of the best memory foam mattresses and pillows that provide you with a good night’s sleep. Shop from us now!