February 13, 2019

Your bedroom is the space that you have set apart to relax and be refreshed. It is the place where you spend your night’s sleeping and dreaming of a better future. So, it should be the place where you would feel calm and peaceful and it required organizing your bedroom.

A disorganized room would contribute to increased levels of stress as often it would take us ages to find something we need urgently. This would make us tensed and angry, and also spike the levels of stress. On the other hand, a room that is organized and has everything where it needs to be would reduce levels of stress and also contribute to better sleep. Here are some tips to organize your bedroom:

  • Only Keep Clothes that are Necessary - Your wardrobe would be overflowing with clothes that you are using and have used. To organize your room, you would first have to declutter it. Start by placing all your clothes on the bed and checking how much you have accumulated. Then take up each item and decide what to keep and what to donate. Keep only those that spark joy.
  • Adopt the bag-in-bag method - If you have lots of bags, then use the bag-in-bag method. Put one bag inside other so that you can save a lot of space and keep everything clean. This helps you sleep better.
  • Light it Right - For a relaxing space, you would need good lighting. In order to sleep well, the room must be clean, cool, quiet and dimly lit. To achieve this, you can add a dimmer to your light switch, burn a soft soothing candle before bed, or swap the overhead light for a lamp.
  • Always Make your Bed - Many studies have revealed that people who made their beds in the morning were able to get a good night’s sleep. Making your bed would also help you feel happy and welcome to your bedroom.
  • Arrange Things by Colour - If it is possible, do arrange your stuff by colour, like a rainbow. This will not only look cool and awesome but also help you find things easily. It could also inspire you to keep everything else neat and tidy.
  • Wash your Sheets Weekly - It is true that a clean room would make you much happier. As we sleep in our bed every night, it is highly likely that our sheets and blankets would get dirty very quickly. So, it is necessary that you wash your sheets and pillowcases every week. Also, fresh scents and fragrance would promote good moods and reduce stress.

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