December 15, 2018

One of the most common ways for our plans to get disrupted is by running short on balance or credit. When you are about to pay for something bought online and realize that you don’t have the sufficient balance, you would move away from making the purchase.

This is something that all people would have experienced at least once in their life and many would still be experiencing. But now, it is time to get ready to bid adieu to all those disruptive situations. FromSooma, you can now purchase your favourite mattress or pillow even if you are short on balance, thanks to Zip Pay and Zip money.

By partnering with Zip, we have opened to you a “smarter way to pay online”. Zip provides to you the next generation of payments and is all about simplifying “how you pay everywhere and save every day by offering fast, fair and seamless payment solutions online”. With Zip Pay, you can “simply own the way you pay”. Zip Money offers you a “smarter way to pay for what you want today”.

With the arrival of Zip Pay and Zip Money, you can do away with all the traditional means of paying for a transaction, say with cards. From now on, let your card stay zipped and safe in your wallet or card pouch as this is the age of cardless transactions. With Zip at Sooma, you can “Buy now, Pay later”, with “up to 12 months interest free”.

So, now, how to make your purchase from Zip? It is as easy as creating an account with the service provider. For creating an account, you should:

  • Be an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be employed and earning more than $300 per week
  • Have no declared bankruptcy or insolvency

When you decide to purchase a mattress or a pillow, or even both, from Sooma, you can select the item or items, proceed to checkout and choose Zip as the payment option. This is where you have to log in to your account or create one if you don’t have an account. Well, it is as easy as this.

When you choose Zip as the payment option, Zip Pay will pay the store (us) and we would send you the product like a normal purchase. The biggest advantage for you with this purchase is that you are completely in control and need only pay the order amount in instalments as informed by Zip Pay. you can have up to 12 months of interest-free payment with Zip Pay, at Sooma.

With Zip Money, you can have a reusable account, with a single monthly statement, no matter how many times you use. Zip Money also provides interest-free payments with easy terms. There are also no hidden fees and no need to pay anything upfront. You can also choose how to pay the repayments, whether it is weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Purchase what you wish, when you wish, from Sooma. Choose Zip Pay at the checkout and pay interest-free. Shop with us now!