December 17, 2018

For the most peaceful and a comfortable good night’s sleep, you would need the best things to sleep on. The best store that provides the most comfortable items to sleep on is Sooma. At our online store, you can find the Sooma Mattress and Sooma Pillow.

The Sooma Pillow is one of the best pillows available in Australia, where you can rest your head on and have the most comfortable of sleeps. The greatest highlight of our pillow is that it is fully washable, thereby giving much importance to cleanliness and hygiene. This pillow is designed with comfort and cleanliness in mind and is the world’s first fully washable memory foam pillow.

To provide you with a good night’s sleep, the soft and super comfortable memory foam pillow adapts to the shape of the head and neck. This helps in providing the perfect and complete support to your head and neck, no matter what your sleeping position is. The unique open cell structure and the pinhole design promotes airflow and allows for easy machine washing, giving you a cleaner and healthy sleep at night.

The Sooma Pillow is made of the highest grade memory foam that is known for being soft and able to retain shape. This memory foam also supports the head and neck well, relieves pressure and has breathable qualities.

The unique memory foam also disperses pressure so that the build up of pressure spots is reduced. This helps in reducing tossing and turning and providing you with a restful and peaceful good night’s sleep. The open cell foam and the pinhole design would encourage airflow through the pillow and moving heat and moisture away. This guarantees you a good night’s sleep.

This awesome pillow comes with a 100 nights trial and 1 year warranty so that you can try this pillow and if it is not the one for you, you can return it for free. In short, we have you covered everywhere and you can rely on us with ease. This pillow is available for purchase at $69.00. Purchase it now and feel the experience of a better sleep. Visit our online store now!